Don’t Be A Dick (explained)

This guide should help you navigate what constitutes being a dick and what kind of behaviors aren’t acceptable while participating in the ERYC community. This is in no way a full list but should serve as a general guide..

  1. Be Friendly.
  2. When in doubt, take your out. It’s just a kids game.
  3. Play fairly and honestly, (don’t even TRY to cheat), We don’t even keep score.
  4. Don’t spike/kick the balls, please. They’re expensive AF and you look like a jerk!
  5. Flipping people off is a big no-no. Oh, you were kidding? Well, that new person over there doesn’t know that. (you too Chris).
  6. If you’re so close to someone you can smell them, maybe don’t throw as hard as you can. Whom are you tryin’ to impress?
  7. Like to throw hard and fast? We all wanna be the modern-day Sandy Koufax, so try to control your throws and be more accurate than intimidating.
  8. Hold yourself accountable for your actions and your attitude.
  9. If you hit someone in the face, APOLOGIZE and then maybe head to the bar & buy them a beer.
  10. Are you the last person in? Don’t try to be the hero. Your other 14 teammates want to play, so use a strategy that helps speed the game along vs. dragging it out for 30+ minutes.
  11. Share the balls. Dodgeball is a team sport after all. (nothing wrong with letting a ball pass you by everyone in a while.)
  12. Your teammates are on your side. If you see something, say something. By not policing your team, you’re an accomplice of dickery.
  13. Don’t get pissed when a teammate throws an easy catch.  Yes, competition is fun, but if you find yourself getting angry,… you’re doing it wrong.
  14. Don’t worry, be happy. Holding a grudge never solves anything.
  15. Talk it out. Save the pointing and yelling for the next time you’re… uh… actually, maybe don’t go pointing and yelling at anyone anywhere.
  16. Oh shit! That person just fell on the ground/is tying their shoe/is vulnerable… let’s get ‘em!. Pump the breaks, mi amigo. You have plenty of other fair targets to throw at.
  17. Lastly, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  18. Moreover, remember, it’s just a game!