About Us/Our Mission

The Yacht Club believes that every individual has the responsibility to be involved in their community. Through dodgeball, civic service, relationships with rec centers and our youth, The Yacht Club hopes to inspire you to pursue the common good.

Yacht Pix

What we do, on the daily…

It starts with dodgeball.

We’re an adult dodgeball league, a circle of friends, an army of do-gooders.  We establish and run adult dodgeball leagues while partnering with the local rec center to develop original programs for children in under-resourced communities in Los Angeles and Detroit. Our programs—Yacht Grub (kids cooking), Yacht Plot (community gardening), Yacht Pix (kids photography) and our flagship program, Yacht Crew (kids dodgeball)—have been created to provide kids with fun, safe and creative experiences that go beyond what they might have access to at school.  And we are able to do this by drawing from the single greatest resource at our disposal—our players!

Why we do this

The Yacht Club believes civic engagement—feelings of responsibility toward the common good—is inherent in all of us.

The Yacht Club provides an outlet and vehicle for connectedness through dodgeball, weekly meetups and social gatherings.  But we’d like to think we do much more than that.  We also provide the initial opportunities for our players to become active citizens and volunteers.  Over time, our players become more invested in the neighborhoods where they play and want to do more good for them; it’s our flywheel toward common good.  When our players actively participate and do good for Los Angeles, they feel more invested in Los Angeles.  When our players feel more invested in Los Angeles, they want to work toward greater common good.  We want Los Angeles to be a better city for everyone and believe dodgeball is a great entry point for common good in the name of Los Angeles.

The Yacht Club isn’t just another dodgeball league.

Want to get involved?

The Eagle Rock Yacht Club is a 501(c)3 public charity