Are you ready for a day filled with adventure, intrigue and awesome surprises?

Do you rarely step foot out of the one-square-mile radius that you call home? Was Scooby-Doo your favorite cartoon growing up? Well, do we have a treat for you!

ERYC proudly presents: Los Angeles Mystery Tour (part deux) A day filled with adventure, sights, and plenty of booze, with our own private bus clandestinely transporting us from one mysterious LA locale to the next. The twist? You won’t know where you’re going until you get there.

You down? All you have to do is buy a ticket, check that confirmation email and show up. See you on the bus!


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Mystery Tour Flyer:

Mystery Tour Schedule:

3:30 PM – Meet at Union Station
4 PM – Bus Leaves Union Station
11:30 PM – Dropped off at final destination

What to Bring/Things to Know
  • – A positive attitude and an open mind
  • – Cash or cc and ID so you can purchase booze during the trip if desired
  • – A pair of socks and sturdy shoes (sandals not recommended)
  • – Wear pants
  • – Plan on grabbing a ride share home from the final stop of our tour

You have questions, we have answers...


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