5 Years of Awesome.

Can you believe it?

The Sadie Hawkins Dance Party of Awesome 2013 Recap

The Sadie Hawkins Dance Party of Awesome is a fundraiser to help progress our mission to create opportunities and programs for disadvantaged youth at Los Angeles’ parks and recreation centers.

On Oct. 5th, 2013, we transformed the Fred Harvey Room at Union Station in Los Angeles into our own private dance party.

Editing by Kevin Clark

Photos by Brian Faini, Hogan Carter and Jon Jandoc.

Seriously, thank you

A special shout-out to the volunteers who did a ton of the heavy lifting to make Sadie Hawkins happen. This event would have been in an alley with some malt liquor, a bag of hot cheetos and a walkman if these folks had not been involved.

Amirah, Calvin, Melo, Nate, Patrick, Miguel, Bonnie, Rainbeau, Amber, Sarah, Joe, Jeffrey, Hogan, Faini, Jon, Papa Neil, Kirstin, Nikki, Brendan, Catherine, JC, Dave, Ronaldo, Nicole and Rob.

And Our Sponsors:

And, a huge THANK YOU to all that came.

We hope to see you again in 2014.